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In my 20 plus years of working with parents and children, I never met a single parent who didn't love his or her child.

But I did meet many who questioned whether what their child was doing was "normal"; those who were surprised by the force of their own anger directed at the person they loved most - their child; and those who were ashamed to admit that, in spite of enjoying their child very much, talking to a two or three year old all day long didn't stimulate their mind nearly enough - they were bored. I also met many working parents who were puzzled why such a wonderful idea as "quality time" often led to stress and turmoil instead of pleasure and harmony. These feelings are universal; but parents rarely find a forum to talk about such issues without the fear of being judged, getting unsolicited advice, or feeling that they are the only ones with such a problem.

I started Parent411 to fill this void - to feed the mind, to nurture and support parents, to break the isolation that often accompanies modern parenting, and to offer a choice of techniques that can help parents get through the day peacefully.

Parent 411 workshops are interactive and practical. Information is delivered in intimate 60-90 minute workshops to help parents navigate the core issues of parenting, including:


Effective Limits
Parenting "Only" Children
Parenting through Divorce
Workshops for Grandparents

Organizational Skills in Parenting
The Focused and Present Parent
Morning Challenge
Toilet Training
Parenting Teens
Bullies and Victims
Anger in Children and Parents

I look forward to welcoming you to the Parent411 community.

Faina Smith
Founder, Parent411

Dance, don't wrestle.

Nancy Samalin



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